1. Bony Levy Kiera Four-Row Diamond Ring $1,720.90-$1,830.90 (on sale), Double-Triangle Ring $730.90-$805.90 (on sale), Diamond Coil Ring $1,160.90-$1,235.90 (on sale) and Six-Stone Diamond Ring $2,810.90-$2,885.90 (on sale) 2. Lana Jewelry Double-Hoop Earrings $489.90 (on sale) and Necklace $419.90 (on sale) 3. Kwiat Diamond Studs $579.90-$6,999.90 (on sale)

1. Bony Levy Kiera Four-Row Diamond Ring $1,720.90-$1,830.90 (on sale), Bony Levy Double-Triangle Ring $730.90-$805.90 (on sale), Bony Levy Diamond Coil Ring $1,160.90-$1,235.90 (on sale) and Bony Levy Six-Stone Diamond Ring $2,810.90-$2,885.90 (on sale) 2. Lana Jewelry Double-Hoop Earrings $489.90 (on sale) and Lana Jewelry Necklace $419.90 (on sale) 3. Kwiat Diamond Studs $579.90-$6,999.90 (on sale)

Get ready for the Nordstrom 2017 Anniversary sale with its recently released catalogue. After taking a look at the clothingand shoes, we focus on jewelry and bags. Prices start to drop starting on July 13th for cardholders, and open for the public on July 21st. From watches to bracelets to tote bags and backpacks, get ready to add more chic styles to your wardrobe with these pieces. Brands like Movado, Kate Spade New York, Rebecca Minkoff and AllSaints are all part of the sale. 


1. Bony Levy Skinny Stackable Diamond Bangle $1,495.90-$1,775.90 (on sale) and Liora Diamond Tennis Bracelet $4,195.90 (on sale). 2. Movado Bold Two-Tone Watch $359.90 (on sale) and Monica Vinader Stellar Pave Mini Bracelet $195.90 (on sale) 3. Michele Asacalon Chronograph Watch $929.90 (on sale) and Lagos Caviar Bracelet with Diamonds $999.90 (on sale)

1. Bony Levy Skinny Stackable Diamond Bangle $1,495.90-$1,775.90 (on sale) and Bony Levy Liora Diamond Tennis Bracelet $4,195.90 (on sale). 2. MovadoBold Two-Tone Watch $359.90 (on sale) and Monica Vinader Stellar Pave Mini Bracelet $195.90 (on sale) 3. Michele Asacalon Chronograph Watch $929.90 (on sale) and Lagos Caviar Bracelet with Diamonds $999.90 (on sale)1. Rebecca Minkoff Medium Velvet Julian Backpack $165.90 (on sale) 2. Rebecca Minkoff Velvet Mini Mac Crossbody $116.90 (on sale) and Chelsea28 Velvet Clutch $38.90 (on sale)

1. Rebecca Minkoff Medium Velvet Julian Backpack $165.90 (on sale) 2. Rebecca Minkoff Velvet Mini Mac Crossbody $116.90 (on sale) and Chelsea28 Velvet Clutch $38.90 (on sale)

1. Ted Baker London Neon Poppy Large Tote $149.90 (on sale) 2. Ted Baker London Neon Poppy Zip Mini $58.90 (on sale) 3. Ted Baker London Strisa Butterfly Evening Bag $85.90 (on sale)

1. Ted Baker London Neon Poppy Large Tote $149.90 (on sale) 2. Ted Baker London Neon Poppy Zip Mini $58.90 (on sale) 3. Ted Baker London Strisa Butterfly Evening Bag $85.90 (on sale)1. Rebecca Minkoff Front-Pocket Tote $216.90 (on sale) 2. Kate Spade New York Young Lane Marybeth Tote $284.90 (on sale) 3. AllSaints Raye Tote $249.90 (on sale) 4. Chelsea28 Kaylee Embellished Tote $78.90 (on sale)

1. Rebecca Minkoff Front-Pocket Tote $216.90 (on sale) 2. Kate Spade New YorkYoung Lane Marybeth Tote $284.90 (on sale) 3. AllSaints Raye Tote $249.90 (on sale) 4. Chelsea28 Kaylee Embellished Tote $78.90 (on sale)

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Celebs Take Chanel, Gucci and Fendi Bags to Court, McDonald’s and Beyond

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Focusing on dreamy floral prints, the July 2017 issue of Grazia UK offers summer inspiration with this editorial. Model Susanne Knipper poses for the lens of Kate Powers in the outdoor shoot. Stylist Liz Thody selects airy dresses featuring ruffles, lace as well as ribbons for the blonde to wear. Susanne looks stunning in designs from the likes of Erdem, Zimmermann and Etro.

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Chanel Gabrielle Chanel Fragrance

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She was a woman who was many different things, one who sought to live the life she wanted, never giving in to popular convention and basically marched to her own beat. She was a creator, a pioneer, a trend-setter, and one whose glorious legacy still lives on today through Chanel, which in its early days sold only hats before it expanded and in 1922 eventually launched her most iconic fragrance to date, the N°5.

This year, Chanel is celebrating everything Gabrielle Chanel, from a new collection of bags named after her to the #J12Mademoiselle timepieces that everyone wanted. And because a celebration of everything Coco would be odd without a fragrance dedicated to her, this new fragrance, simply known as the Gabrielle Chanel, is an ode to her and the Chanel woman of today, one who’s free-spirited, full of desire, fervour and subversiveness.


Available in an all-new bottle that’s also beautifully-shaped, removing the topper and taking in your first whiff will reveal notes of jasmine, orange blossom, tuberose and ylang ylang that promise to come together beautifully on your skin. Inhale again and everything is supposed to be more intense, thanks to master perfumer Olivier Pole. The jasmine is intensified, with white musk added to the ylang ylang that’s further accentuated by the creaminess of tuberose. Along with blackcurrant, grapefruit zest, mandarin peel and sandalwood, it’s a deliciously heady mix that even Gabrielle Chanel herself would approve of.

The Gabrielle Chanel fragrance will be available at all Chanel boutiques in Singapore from 19 August 2017, and on 1 September 2017 it will be launched at all of Chanel’s beauty counters islandwide.

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Emma Stern Nielsen stars in Seafolly's fall 2017 campaignEmma Stern Nielsen stars in Seafolly's fall 2017 campaign

Seafolly sets its sights on a sun-drenched beach outing with the launch of its fall 2017 campaign. Shot on the Cooloola Coast in Queenland, Australia by Simon Upton, the images star models Emma Stern Nielsen and Victoria Lee. The new season spotlights the Australian brand's swimwear, activewear and overwear collections. Embracing colorful prints and modern silhouettes, Seafolly's fall collection is all about beach style.


Seafolly unveils its fall 2017 campaignSeafolly unveils its fall 2017 campaignVictoria Lee models an embroidered caftan from SeafollyVictoria Lee models an embroidered caftan from SeafollyVictoria Lee stars in Seafolly's fall 2017 campaignVictoria Lee stars in Seafolly's fall 2017 campaignSeafolly sets its fall 2017 campaign on the Cooloola Coast in QueenlandSeafolly sets its fall 2017 campaign on the Cooloola Coast in QueenlandEmma Stern Nielsen poses in Seafolly Pacifico Slide bikini top and Brazilian bikini bottomsEmma Stern Nielsen poses in Seafolly Pacifico Slide bikini top and Brazilian bikini bottoms

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Only in Dubai – A $33,000 pair of gold dipped pumps

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In a city where even a breath of air costs a few pennies, we’re not entirely surprised that Dubai is now home to a pair of shoes worth AED 120,000 (USD 33,000). Curated by Italian designer Antonio Vietri, the extremely fashionable pair of footwear is debuting in today’s Leatherworld Middle East 2017,

Fortunately for Vietri, his name is now a rather recognised one in Dubai where only last year a pair of golden loafers was displayed at a staggering AED 300,000 (USD 82,000). Interestingly enough, the pair of shoes were welcomed by footwear fanatics.

“I’m delighted to officially unveil my women’s collection at Leatherworld Middle East 2017, following the resounding success of the global launch of my men’s collection at the show last year,” said Vietri. “Gulf consumers love exclusivity and luxury that’s entirely unique, and I’m excited to present customers and retailers something completely different from anything they’ve seen before.”

Now more about this pricey commodity! Well, the silk pumps dipped in some 24-carat gold RE embellished with gold and silver ornaments. If you happen to be keen on owning this pair, you can select between Swarovski crystals, pearls or diamonds to adorn your expensive pair of pumps.

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