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1. Bony Levy Kiera Four-Row Diamond Ring $1,720.90-$1,830.90 (on sale), Double-Triangle Ring $730.90-$805.90 (on sale), Diamond Coil Ring $1,160.90-$1,235.90 (on sale) and Six-Stone Diamond Ring $2,810.90-$2,885.90 (on sale) 2. Lana Jewelry Double-Hoop Earrings $489.90 (on sale) and Necklace $419.90 (on sale) 3. Kwiat Diamond Studs $579.90-$6,999.90 (on sale)

1. Bony Levy Kiera Four-Row Diamond Ring $1,720.90-$1,830.90 (on sale), Bony Levy Double-Triangle Ring $730.90-$805.90 (on sale), Bony Levy Diamond Coil Ring $1,160.90-$1,235.90 (on sale) and Bony Levy Six-Stone Diamond Ring $2,810.90-$2,885.90 (on sale) 2. Lana Jewelry Double-Hoop Earrings $489.90 (on sale) and Lana Jewelry Necklace $419.90 (on sale) 3. Kwiat Diamond Studs $579.90-$6,999.90 (on sale)

Get ready for the Nordstrom 2017 Anniversary sale with its recently released catalogue. After taking a look at the clothingand shoes, we focus on jewelry and bags. Prices start to drop starting on July 13th for cardholders, and open for the public on July 21st. From watches to bracelets to tote bags and backpacks, get ready to add more chic styles to your wardrobe with these pieces. Brands like Movado, Kate Spade New York, Rebecca Minkoff and AllSaints are all part of the sale. 


1. Bony Levy Skinny Stackable Diamond Bangle $1,495.90-$1,775.90 (on sale) and Liora Diamond Tennis Bracelet $4,195.90 (on sale). 2. Movado Bold Two-Tone Watch $359.90 (on sale) and Monica Vinader Stellar Pave Mini Bracelet $195.90 (on sale) 3. Michele Asacalon Chronograph Watch $929.90 (on sale) and Lagos Caviar Bracelet with Diamonds $999.90 (on sale)

1. Bony Levy Skinny Stackable Diamond Bangle $1,495.90-$1,775.90 (on sale) and Bony Levy Liora Diamond Tennis Bracelet $4,195.90 (on sale). 2. MovadoBold Two-Tone Watch $359.90 (on sale) and Monica Vinader Stellar Pave Mini Bracelet $195.90 (on sale) 3. Michele Asacalon Chronograph Watch $929.90 (on sale) and Lagos Caviar Bracelet with Diamonds $999.90 (on sale)1. Rebecca Minkoff Medium Velvet Julian Backpack $165.90 (on sale) 2. Rebecca Minkoff Velvet Mini Mac Crossbody $116.90 (on sale) and Chelsea28 Velvet Clutch $38.90 (on sale)

1. Rebecca Minkoff Medium Velvet Julian Backpack $165.90 (on sale) 2. Rebecca Minkoff Velvet Mini Mac Crossbody $116.90 (on sale) and Chelsea28 Velvet Clutch $38.90 (on sale)

1. Ted Baker London Neon Poppy Large Tote $149.90 (on sale) 2. Ted Baker London Neon Poppy Zip Mini $58.90 (on sale) 3. Ted Baker London Strisa Butterfly Evening Bag $85.90 (on sale)

1. Ted Baker London Neon Poppy Large Tote $149.90 (on sale) 2. Ted Baker London Neon Poppy Zip Mini $58.90 (on sale) 3. Ted Baker London Strisa Butterfly Evening Bag $85.90 (on sale)1. Rebecca Minkoff Front-Pocket Tote $216.90 (on sale) 2. Kate Spade New York Young Lane Marybeth Tote $284.90 (on sale) 3. AllSaints Raye Tote $249.90 (on sale) 4. Chelsea28 Kaylee Embellished Tote $78.90 (on sale)

1. Rebecca Minkoff Front-Pocket Tote $216.90 (on sale) 2. Kate Spade New YorkYoung Lane Marybeth Tote $284.90 (on sale) 3. AllSaints Raye Tote $249.90 (on sale) 4. Chelsea28 Kaylee Embellished Tote $78.90 (on sale)

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